Łubinowa TV studios


STUDIO 1600 m2

The TV studio hall is located in an independent building on ŁUBINOWA 4A television and film complex. This studio was built in 2016 and is one of the most modern television and film studios in Warsaw so far it has been used for films, commercials and TV programs, including live programs execution. 1600 m2 Studio has delivered, among others: Live Cabarets, World of Dance, Take Me Out, Idol, Top Chef, The Brain. The studio has also been used to run prestigious events, such as, Kolędy Fundacji Polsat oraz Gala PZPS.

The studio has fully equipped office and production facilities. The building facilitates catering bar, providing full board menu.


More than 50 commercials, hundreds of episodes of television programs, popular television programs and pictures for feature films were shot in this TV studio. This is where the live cabaret shows, loved by 400 spectators, are recorded. The studio also produces a series of programs "Your face sounds familiar" and "World of Dance".


The most important parameters of the studio:

  • total area 1600m2, height 9,5m
  • polished concrete floor, 2 ton/m2
  • technical truss with 2 tons of lifting capacity located on the level of the lower edge of 9.5 m
  • electricity connection points located on the studio external current circuit (10 pcs) and next to the truss (2 pcs)
  • emission fiber optic connector and cable games glands for broadcasting vans
  • direct communication with the warehouse and back-office and other facilities: wardrobes, makeup rooms, costume storeroom and production rooms
  • Wi-Fi internet and phone connection and a computer network
  • Quiet air-conditioning and/ or ventilation system adjustable accordingly to sound recording


Basic data regarded electric power supply:

  • object supplied from the ST-2 station within the administrative range - maximum power of 200 kW,
  • within the range of air-conditioning and ventilation systems - maximum power 500 kW, the station has two-way power supply,
  • on the SN 15 kV side, and in the event of a complete power black-out, the generator is set automatically to be switched on, completely protecting the power of the station,
  • object supplied from the ST-4 station within the range of technological receptions - maximum power up to 1000 kW,
  • tin case of emergency the station is provisioned by a power generator with a maximum power of 1000 kW